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With over years of experience and innovative solutions we provide dedicated and integrated solutions to rationalize logistic support requirements and optimize cost-effectiveness to:
  • All aircraft manufactures
  • Multiple top airlines and operators in the world
  • Nearly everyone of the major OEMs
  • Fastest growing Engine MRO companies
  • A large number of Parts Distributors
  • Government & Defense contractors


The automotive industry is characterized by a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. Every supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility. We develop customized, integrated transportation and logistics solutions all over the world always focusing on our key objectives: to reduce costs, streamline processes and make a crucial difference to the quality of the supply chain.

As an automotive manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our unsurpassed worldwide networks for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics. Our optimized solutions ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destination quickly and reliably - using the whole range of transportation modes such as road, rail, sea or air freight – as well as storage services. We also have a fleet with specialized equipment available for you.

Our logistics services also support your new market entries as well as the planning of new manufacturing facilities. If necessary, we can already contribute when a factory is still at the drawing-board stage. In the era of e-mobility we can offer eco-friendly transportation solutions that will make you stand out from the competition.

We work closely with almost all of the world's automotive manufacturers and suppliers. They all benefit from customized solutions that meet their exact requirements and are continuously being improved. Different modes of transport and contract logistics services are combined to form the ideal logistics package for every supply chain. We also support you with consulting services and 3PL/4PL concepts.


Special safety standards apply for chemical, oil and fertilizer products, and must be complied with at all times. When transporting hazardous materials, it is especially important that you can rely on responsible handling, which we ensure with comprehensive safety and emergency management. We also help you respond to the need for environmentally friendly solutions. Goods can be transported with a variety of CO2-saving and climate-friendly products, or even 100 percent CO2-free in the German rail network with our Eco Plus offer.

As the largest European rail freight company, we offer you a full spectrum of services for your bulk goods - from single-car transport to block train products and multimodal solutions. Special rail offerings such as chem-solution or oil-solution are tailored to the requirements of the respective industries. Through partnerships with other European rail freight operators, more and more European regions can be reached via seamless rail connections.

With our global logistics network, we operate for your packaged goods rail, land, ocean and air based supply chains, tailored to your needs wherever on the globe your markets demand. For last mile solutions, we are able to include a large selection of value-added services so your product reaches your customers exactly according to your market promise.

In addition to downstream distribution, we develop upstream project solutions for the oil and gas industry, e.g. logistical support for oil fields.


With its vast array of resources, "Ijetzz" is the expert in delivering creative, high quality and cost effective solutions to meet the unique supply chain challenges of this ever-evolving industry. We have numerous blue-chip Consumer industry customers with whom we have developed long-term partnerships.

Our solutions have helped consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers streamline operations, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance productivity.


Increasing globalization is subjecting the electronics industry to time and cost pressures. With our logistics services, we make sure you optimize your production processes and reduce expenses.

Many companies are relocating their manufacturing facilities to Eastern Europe or Asia. At the same time, product life cycles in the electronics sector are getting shorter and shorter. With our international network, we overcome the great distances between production sites and consumers quickly and cost-effectively.

Our approach: With multiparty platforms, we improve planning and collaboration within your supply chain to accelerate the flow of materials and finished products. All of our logistics services meet the highest standards of quality and flexibility – all over the world.

As a global market leader in logistics services for the electronics industry, we fulfill your requirements with proven concepts or by working with you to develop customized and innovative solutions. Safe and reliable delivery of your shipments is important to us, so we provide end-to-end visibility and make use of special products, e.g. in land transport, air and ocean freigh. In Contract Logistics/SCM efficiency programs like Six Sigma and 5s/POP improve our processes for you on a continuous basis.


The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. We take this responsibility seriously, so we developed industry-specific solutions to ensure that your sensitive freight is delivered safely, securely and on time – worldwide.

Companies in the healthcare sector are confronted with a constantly changing environment. With our innovative and integrated solutions, we can react flexibly to all requirements from pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as medical device manufacturers.

Our customized Healthcare logistics solutions are designed to improve the current complex cross borders and in country distribution and address specific Pharma industry challenges/concerns. We promises to meet the exacting standards of your consumers, government regulators, clinics, hospitals, wholesalers and distributors.

From clean and temperature-controlled environments, management of hazardous materials, to in-house IT applications and project management, you can count on our team of dedicated and experienced GDP, QEP and DG certified specialists.


Companies seeking to be successful in competitive international markets depend on reliable and efficient logistics. As a global logistics partner with over years of experience in the industry, we can give you a tangible competitive advantage.

All along the industrial value chain, we cover a broad range of sub-industries: We offer transport and logistics solutions for raw material and industrial products. In addition, we are a reliable partner for the engineering industry. Our portfolio includes logistics services for whole machinery, components and spare parts for manufacturers of engines, turbines, construction & mining equipment, agricultural & farming equipment, machine tools and many more.

Our specialist staff in vertical markets, industry sectors and at our competence center works with you to develop reliable, efficient logistics solutions. Based on our industry know-how and proved best practices, we create lean, stable and safe processes, and give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

With our global transportation networks – for road, air, ocean and rail freight – and our expertise in contract logistics, we can fine tune your supply chain to optimum effect. For rail freight we offer intermodal and specialized transportation both in single freight cars and block trains – with specialized equipment to meet the requirements of specific industries.

We also offer customized logistics services such as warehousing, commissioning, fulfillment, spare parts centers and distribution by means of our Railport system, made up by more than 100 multi-functional and inter-sectorial rail logistics centers in Europe. For global visibility and control, you benefit from the latest IT solutions.


We offer you innovative solutions – in each situation. We will find the fastest route to any port, from your factory gates directly to your ship.

Round the clock, seven days a week, our global logistics system enables us to handle complex transport assignments within precise time frames.

Our logistics services for:
  • Ship owners
  • Offshore operating companies
  • Ship managers
  • Shipyards
  • Repair companies
  • Marine part manufacturers
  • Marine part suppliers 


Where speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key factors that the retail industry expects we we ensure your products find their way to boutiques and department stores all over the world through our fashion logistics, consumer goods retail distribution, eCommerce solutions, direct to consumer warehousing, merchandise displays and warranty returns/reverse logistics services.

When high demand for a product creates a rush order, our global network can expedite your goods from any area of the world directly to your customer. This is why we work with you to develop a flexible supply management system that leaves you always ready to respond to new market requirements.

Whether you have a show stopping sample from Paris, or a container of the latest fast fashion from China, take advantage of our global network for air, ocean, land and rail freight to ensure that your items arrive at their final destination on time and in pristine condition.

We guarantee transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes for anyone using our services backed up a team of highly trained professional who can assist you in finding creative solutions to your logistics needs.

As one of the leading logistics/supply chain solution provider globally we can assist you in reducing your cost by optimizing the utilization of your space through our consolidation programs such as buyer consolidation and multi-country consolidation.